Here at Buckinghamshire Wedding DJs we also provide every stage you need music for your special day from the ceremony to the evening celebrations.

The most important part of planning your reception is selecting the perfect wedding songs. The track to be played as you take to the dance-floor for the first time as a married couple. Of course your night will be filled with only the best wedding music, as chosen by you (with the help of our expert team) but there’s something extra special about that one song.

You might already have that one special song, in which case the decision is already made. However, if you have yet to find that perfect wedding song, how can you go about finding one in time for the big day?

Take a listen to some of the best wedding music out there and you’ll find that while love and romance are key themes, your perfect song doesn’t have to be slow and slushy. In can be anything that reflects you as a couple and your relationship. For example, if you’re both died-in-the-wool rock fans, why not pick something from that genre and give your friends and family a shock when you ‘head bang’ your way through that first dance!

Another tip is to get some help from the experts. When you hire one of our weddingDJs for your reception, you’ll also get to benefit from their experience of playing the best wedding music. If you’re struggling to pick that perfect track, they might well be able to point you in the right direction and help you find that one perfect song that defines you as a couple. Trust us; there won’t be a dry eye in the house!

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